We want to engage more with our customers and help the community as a whole understand data protection and why it’s important. If you’re not sure about something or need advice on how the law applies to you, our helpful team at the Jersey Office of the Information Commissioner is on hand to answer your questions.

Most importantly, data protection should be looked at as a positive concept which seeks to hold those entrusted with our personal information accountable for what they do with it. Organisations need to look after it correctly and not abuse Islanders’ trust. We are committed to making data protection easy, understandable and accessible to everyone.

Are you in a muddle about ‘vyrciap’ [privacy] and ‘oiryter ngrlsuph sao’ [Your personal rights]? We have scrambled up some key data protection words and phrases to show it doesn’t have to be a mystery and to whet your appetite before you #AskTheCommissioner

The jumbles so far…

Consent, My rights, Individual rights, Closed circuit television, Fair and lawful, Access to my information, Right to be informed, My image

Keep my data safe, Trust, Social media, Identifiable, Photograph, Data protection, We can’t tell you that because of data protection

More to follow soon.